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NOTICE OF 1ST EOS TPS TEST ON 10th July 2018 from ADD (eosADD)

发表时间:2018-07-10 13:51

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NOTICE OF 1ST EOS TPS TEST ON 10th July 2018 from ADD (eosADD)

To EOS BP Partners, EOS community and with respect to ByteMaster,

ADD (eosADD, eosadddddddd) is a Block Producer Candidate (BPC) and aiming to providedata related services based on EOS eco-system. With supports from EOS.io, EOS BPPartners and EOS community, ADD managed to be the first Airdrop EOS Main-net BasedToken and delivered to more than 86,000 EOS accounts on 22nd June 2018 with limited TPSsetting from our end.

We will start 1st EOS TPS Test on 10th July 2018 PM (London Time Zone) based on real EOSMain-net assets transactions. The sender will be eosadddddddd with Memo “EOS TPS 1STTEST FROM EOS ADD (BPC:eosadddddddd)”

Please be aware of the test will no longer pre-set TPS limit, we would also like to call for 3rdparty witnesses to monitor the maxi TPS on EOS Main-net at the same time. Please do sendus your monitor report/screenshot to admin@eosadd.com.

Best regards

ADD team (eosADD, eosadddddddd)


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The translation is from Google Translate, pls refer to the above English Version

以下翻译来自 Google Translate, 请以上面英文版本为主

ADD(eosADD)2018 年 7 月 10 日下午对 EOS 主网 TPS 进行第一次测试的通知

致 EOS BP 合作伙伴,EOS 社区以及尊敬的 ByteMaster,

ADD(eosADD,eosadddddddd)是一个超级节点候选者(BPC),旨在提供基于 EOS 生态系统的数据领域相关服务。 在 EOS.io,EOS BP 合作伙伴和 EOS 社区的支持下,ADD 成为第一个 EOS 主网空投代币,并于 2018 年 6 月 22 日交付给超过 86,000 个 EOS 账户,该时我们对 TPS 设置了限制。

我们将发起真实的 EOS 主网资产交易,于伦敦时间 2018 年 7 月 10 日下午开始对 EOS 主网TPS 进行第一次测试。 发件人将使用 MEMO“EOS TPS 1ST TEST FROM EOS ADD(BPC:eosadddddddd)”交易发起方为 eosadddddddd.

请注意本测试将不再预先设定 TPS 峰值限制,我们还要呼吁社群同仁作为第三方同时监控这一段时间的 EOS 主网上的 TPS 最高值。 并请将您的报告/显示器屏幕截图发送给我们,我们的邮箱地址是 admin@eosadd.com。


ADD 团队(eosADD,eosadddddddd)


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