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EOS ADD Supports the EOS Alliance

发表时间:2018-08-18 10:46

The EOS Mainnet is one of the most ambitious public blockchain launches of our time and expectations have always been high. Today, we take another step forward together as a community to deliver on those expectations.

As the first airdrop EOS Mainnet Token, ADD is very excited to be a part of the widespread support for the EOS Alliance, a non-profit similar to other blockchain foundations, whose goal it will be to act as a locus of communication for the EOS community.


Beyond acting as an EOS communications hub both within and outside of the token-holder community, the EOS Alliance’s first orders of business will be to curate inclusive community dialogue to lead to consensus recommendations on fundamental action-items:

Dispute Resolution & Arbitration in EOS

EOS Mainnet Code Repository Management

EOS Mainnet & Exchange Relations

EOS Governance Documents e.g. A Ratified Constitution

The EOS Alliance will be try to act as a manifestation of the EOS community’s will yet hold no power nor authority beyond what the token-holders grant it. The managing board of the EOS Alliance has beeen appointed to start and gradually phase out over the course of a calendar year in exchange for board members who are elected directly by the token-holders. The interim Executive Director will be Thomas Cox, EOS community leader and SVP of Product at StrongBlock.

For more information on the EOS Alliance please visit the official release.

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